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Founded in 2013/14 by good friends Luke and James, Hard Luck Tattoo has become South West London's superior custom tattooing, laser and body piercing shop. A traditional open plan shop layout with wall to wall covered in ever changing tattoo flash and motorcycle art, making every visit to the shop a visual experience. We welcome anyone and any tattoo design or ideas with the sole goal of delivering the customer a great piece of individual art work. Hard Luck Tattoo is best known for bold bright long lasting tattoos... our artists have diverse skills and styles, from a full Japanese sleeve to a fine line black and grey portrait. Located in South West London, within the busy Kingston Upon Thames town centre, a mere 30 seconds from train and bus stations, plus several car parks surrounding the shop makes visiting easy.

Staff and Artists

Luke Kempton

Luke has been tattooing since 2006 and has had the opportunity to work with many great other tattoo artists. Luke's tattooing is diverse and he works in a vast range of styles, from bold bright old school and Japanese, to soft black and grey and realism. Luke's tattoos heal and age well, maintaining the vividness created on day one.*

Monday / Tuesday / WEDNESDAY / THURSDAY / FRIDAY / SATURDAY / Sunday


James Smith

Although starting tattooing almost a decade ago, James took a hiatus to travel the world as a professional BMXer and then start a camera equipment company (as you do!). With all the adventures and broken bones now behind him, James now has the perfect focus and home at HLT among the co artists.

Monday / Tuesday / WEDNESDAY / THURSDAY / FRIDAY / SATURDAY / Sunday


Phil Mann

Although local, Phil has been traveling for the large part of his life exploring music and art. Settling into tattooing in 2012, Phil became part of the Hard Luck team in 2015. Phil specializes in black and grey dot work, focusing on geometric patterns, floral designs and mystical imagery.

Monday / TUESDAY / WEDNESDAY / THURSDAY / Friday / Saturday / SUNDAY


Kathryn Ursula

Kathryn started tattooing in 2015 and has always been influenced by the traditional style of tattooing. She enjoys using colours in her work but equally loves black and grey styled traditional work. Kathryn regularly travels doing guest spots, in the hope to constantly improve and learn from artists all over the world.

MONDAY / TUESDAY / Wednesday / Thursday / FRIDAY / Saturday / SUNDAY


Kerie Edwards

Kerie has joined the Hard Luck family late 2017, she has been a full time tattoo artist for three years now. She started her journey into tattooing at a studio in Crawley and has progressed over the years. Kerie's style consists mostly of American Traditional but also enjoys doing fine line black and grey, geometric dot work and ornamental pieces.

MONDAY / TUESDAY / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / SATURDAY / Sunday



London based body piercer Gosia is our most recent addition to the Hard Luck team, she brings a mountain of experience and offers the full gambit of piercings from lobe's and Helix's too dermal and other all other specialist piercings. Gosia has a wide range of jewellery in stock and can order any custom or specific jewellery to suit your needs.



Natalie Sharp

After a long established friendship with the shop, Natalie became our shop apprentice late 2016. She started tattooing in September 2017 and has been progressing amazingly ever since. Along side tattooing, Natalie is a fully trained piercer and offers most piercings on a walk in basis. Natalie has a strong Old School Traditional style in her tattoo work, but has also excelled in other styles too.